Terms and Conditions

Before you download, install or use the TianWa Chinese app product and any attached documents (if any), including the updated or upgraded version provided to you (except the updated or upgraded version provided to you under other agreements other than this Agreement) (hereinafter collectively referred to as “TianWa Chinese”), Please read the following clauses in this Agreement carefully.


Unless you have signed another agreement with Hangzhou TianWa Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) on the use of TianWa Chinese, otherwise, your use of TianWa Chinese is subject to the terms of this User Service Agreement of TianWa Chinese (hereinafter referred to as “this Agreement”).


Please read the following terms carefully. On the premise that you agree and accept all the terms of this agreement, the company grants you the legal authorization of the use of TianWa Chinese. If you are a minor, please make sure you are accompanied by your legal guardian when you review and judge whether you agree to this agreement, minors’ use of TianWa Chinese is deemed to have been recognized by their legal guardian.If you do not agree to accept all the terms of this agreement, you have no right to register, log in or use the services covered by this agreement. Your downloading, installing and using TianWa Chinese means that you will voluntarily abide by this Agreement and other relevant rules of TianWa Chinese, and fully obey the unified management of TianWa Chinese.


TianWa Chinese has the right to adjust this agreement from time to time according to business needs, and publish the adjusted agreement on the company’s official website or TianWa Chinese app. If you do not agree with the adjusted agreement, you should stop using TianWa Chinese, otherwise, if you continue to use the services provided by TianWa Chinese after the company adjusts and publishes this agreement, it shall be deemed that you agree to abide by the adjusted agreement.


One–Rights and obligations of users


  1. Users must download, install and use TianWa Chinesethrough legal channels (including but not limited to major application markets and the official website of TianWa Chinese), which is the premise for you to obtain the authorization to use TianWa Chinese.


  1. Once the user registers or logs in to use TianWa Chinese, it is deemed that the user agrees to be contacted bythe company’s customer service personnel by telephone.


  1. The service content enjoyed by users in TianWa Chineseis provided by the company according to the actual situatio The company has the right to add, delete, modify or adjust the service content from time to time.


  1. The cost of communication traffic incurredwhen using TianWa Chineseshall be borne by the user.


  1. Users should keep their account numbers and passwords properly, and may not transfer, lend, rent, sell or share them for others to use. Otherwise, TianWa Chinesehas the right to temporarily suspend or permanently seal up this account according to the actual situation. When the user’s account or password is used without authorization, the user shall immediately notify TianWa Chinese, otherwise the unauthorized use shall be regarded as the user’s own behavior.


  1. The company has the right to adjust the service content provided by TianWa Chineseat any time, including but not limited to adding, deleting and modifying the service content of TianWa Chinese. Once the service content of TianWa Chineseis added, deleted and modified, TianWa Chinese will prompt on relevant pages. If the user does not agree with the relevant changes and modifications, the obtained service can be canceled and stopped. If the user continues to use the services provided by TianWa Chinese, it is deemed that the user has accepted all changes and modifications. Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the user’s use of the new service content in the TianWa Chinese will also be subject to the terms of this agreement.


  1. The services provided by TianWa Chineseare divided into free services and paid services. The company has the right to change the services provided free of charge at current stage into paid services at any time according to the adjustment of the company’s policies. If such changes occur, the company will inform the user in advance. The user can stop using the service if he do not agree with such changes. For fee-based services, the company has the right to determine the prices of such services and adjust them from time to time. The adjusted prices will be publicized on the TianWa Chinese. If the user does not agree with the adjusted price, the user can stop paying for the paid service after the originally purchased paid service expires. If the user continues to purchase charged services after the company adjusts the price and publicizes it, it shall be deemed that the user agrees to the adjusted price.


8.If the user is not satisfied with the paid service, he has the right to terminate the service. Users need to apply for service termination and refund on the client within the specified time or call the customer service number (400 611 0100). The refund amount is calculated in accordance with the refund rules announced by the client, and the company has the right to adjust from time to time according to business development The refund rules shall be publicized on the terminal; if the refund rules publicized by the client are inconsistent with the agreement in this agreement, the client’s publicity shall prevail. Among them, users who purchase live courses are only entitled to apply for refunds for courses that have not started live broadcasts, and they cannot apply for refunds for live courses that have already been consumed; users who purchase 1-to-1 tutoring are required to apply for unused time within the validity period of the package Submit a refund application; refunds for purchases of other paid services will be implemented in accordance with the rules announced on the platform. If the user uses other preferential methods such as coupons or discounts as agreed in paragraphs 8 and 9 of Article 1 of this agreement when purchasing paid services, the user has no right to apply for such coupons when the user applies for a refund in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph. Or discount to apply for refund or compensation. The company has the right to retain all the usage information of users who have terminated the service. The company still has the right to exercise the rights stipulated in this agreement and pursue the legal responsibilities of users for violations of this agreement and related regulations during the use of paid services.


9.The company will provide preferential policies or carry out preferential activities for paid services from time to time. Such preferential policies or preferential activities are subject to the real-time information on the TianWa Chinese platform. The user knows and recognizes that the company has the right to decide whether Provide preferential policies or carry out preferential interaction, as well as the content, conditions and validity period of preferential policies or preferential activities, which may be adjusted or terminated from time to time.


10.If the user has legally obtained coupons or discounts for related paid services and other preferential methods, the user knows and recognizes that such coupons or discounts must meet certain conditions before they can be used. The coupon usage instructions or the discount usage instructions published on the TianWa Chinese platform shall prevail. Coupons or discounts are not redeemed (that is, they are not directly exchanged for cash), no change (that is, if the order amount is less than the amount of the voucher, the remaining amount of the voucher is invalid), and expired; the coupon or discount can only be used by the same user account. It is strictly prohibited to sell, transfer or share. If the company discovers that there are other preferential methods such as selling, transferring or sharing coupons or discounts, the coupons or discounts will be invalidated, and the company has the right to ban the number depending on the severity of the circumstances, and Reserve the right to pursue the legal liabilities of the relevant persons responsible.


11.The company prohibits reselling, selling, renting, lending, transferring user accounts, coupons or discounts and other preferential methods in any form, and using third-party channels (that is, the official channels of the TianWa Chinese platform) to recharge student coins on behalf of Once the behavior is verified, the company will take measures including but not limited to banning the account, banning the IP, and investigating the legal responsibility of the responsible person.



  1. Platform Management

The TianWa Chinese platform has a dedicated review team to supervise and review the behavior of users using the TianWa Chinese platform. Users can also report inappropriate content found in the course of use by reporting. Once we find cheating and publishing violations of TianWa Chinese platform regulations, we will deal with the offending users within 24 hours.


  1. Cheating and punishment

(1) Cheating includes, but is not limited to, obtaining points through unfair and improper channels, exploiting system loopholes to obtain discounts or making abnormal use, illegally selling coupons, and using third-party channels (that is, the official channels of the TianWa Chinese platform) Recharge and learn coins on behalf of others. For the judgment of cheating, the company reserves the right of final interpretation. Special attention: Any form of self-questioning and self-answering, swiping points, transferring points, sending points, etc. are all cheating.


(2)The penalty for cheating refers to all points, discounts, purchased courses, etc. obtained through improper behavior, and all cheating proceeds will be deducted. Once the suspected cheating behavior is initially confirmed, the login accounts of all relevant users involved in the suspected cheating behavior will be subject to discretionary deductions and banned for a limited period of time. If the circumstances are serious, they will be permanently banned, and even criminal prosecution will be conducted. The content published on TianWa Chinese platform by the publisher of suspected cheating content (whether cheating or not) will be dealt with seriously, and all the content of the questions posted on TianWa Chinese platform will be deleted if the circumstances are serious.


  1. Questions and answers, comments, documents, knowledge deletion principles and punishment methods

(1) During the use of TianWa Chinese platform products, the company has the right to delete questions and answers, comments, posts, etc. that do not comply with laws and regulations, departmental rules, public order and good customs, and that the company believes are not related to TianWa Chinese platform products and services Or user content that is deemed inappropriate or unreasonable, including but not limited to, contains pornographic, violent, and terrorist content, has an advertising nature, contains reactionary content, contains personal attack content, contains content that violates ethics and morals, and is malicious, boring, and meaningless, involving illegal and criminal content, and other content that violates the law and the management system of the TianWa Chinese platform platform.


  • Corresponding punishment method


After the question is deleted, the points of the questioner will be deducted from 0 to 20 points as appropriate. After the reply is deleted, the respondent’s points will be deducted from 0 to 10 points as appropriate. After the post is deleted, the points of the poster will be deducted from 0 to 5 points as appropriate. No points will be deducted separately for replies and comment deletions caused by the deletion of the question/original post. If the circumstances are serious, penalties such as double deduction, limited time ban and permanent ban will be imposed as appropriate.


  1. Principles of account management


(1) You should ensure that the account you register, log in and use complies with the relevant Chinese laws and regulations, complies with the “Provisions on The administration of Internet User Account Names”, and complies with the provisions of this agreement. The company has the right to review the registration information such as the account name, avatar and profile that you register, log in and use. You must ensure that the user account name, avatar, profile and other information you use to log in to the software must not contain illegal or harmful information, and there is no situation of fraudulently obtaining account name registration with false information; you should ensure that the user account name you use to log in to the TianWa online education platform is not an account name registered by an affiliate or social celebrity.


(2) If you use false information to defraud the account name registration, or your account profile picture, profile and other registration information contains illegal and bad information, the company has the right to take measures such as correction within the notice deadline, suspension of use, and cancellation of registration; If you fraudulently use the registered account name of an affiliate or social celebrity, the company has the right to cancel your account and report to the Internet information content authority.


(3)The company has the right to delete the corresponding account when the user has the following behaviors; if the circumstances are serious, the corresponding IP will be banned as appropriate: cheating; publishing advertisements; publishing pornographic, reactionary or uncivilized content; plagiarizing or imitating the management ID for impersonating managers or damaging the image of managers;imitate or steal another person’s ID or personal signature; publish content or format that seriously affects the browsing of online users; use other behaviors to disrupt the order of the TianWa online education platform or affect the TianWa online education platform’s normal operations.


(4) TianWa online education platform provides account cancellation function, which can be implemented in “TianWa Online Education Platform”-“My”-Settings-Cancel TianWa Online Education Platform Account. After the account is cancelled, the data in this account cannot be recovered, including but not limited to the asset information in the account such as learning currency (学币), help currency (帮帮币), coupons, etc. The account information content will also be cleared, including but not limited to articles published by the account , Comments, etc. The cancellation cannot be revoked after the operation, please apply with caution.


  1. Complaint and reporting system


If you think that there are any of the following situations in the question, answer, post, speech or other information, materials, content of the TianWa online education platform, you can report it through the “I want to complain” channel in the TianWa online education platform APP or make a complaint or send a notice of rights to the official mailbox of TianWa online education platform 1159572027@qq.com: Violation of laws and regulations or relevant management regulations of TianWa online education platform; suspected of insulting or slandering others, or infringing on you or a third party trademark rights, copyrights or other legal rights.


After receiving your complaint, the company will take measures to deal with it in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations, government regulatory documents, and TianWa online education platform management regulations, including but not limited to removing related content or blocking related links, and other methods the company considers appropriate; if the circumstances are serious, the company has the right to report to the relevant government departments.


III. Intellectual Property


  1. The company owns the ownership of the TianWaonline education platform, including its intellectual property rights. The TianWa online education platform is protected by the Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China, and users are not allowed to delete or otherwise change the copyright, trademark or other proprietary notices or logos attached to the TianWa online education platform. Users are not allowed to reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the TianWa online education platform, and must not attempt to access or conduct any access or behavior to obtain the source code of the TianWa online education platform. Users are not allowed to distribute, rent, spread or translate TianWa online education platform software。


  1. Users of TianWaonline education platform cannot infringe on intellectual property rights and other rights including the copyrights of otherusers. Once a legal dispute arises due to a user’s question, answer, or speech, the responsibility lies with the user and has nothing to do with the TianWa online education platform and the company.


3.For any content published by the user on the TianWa online education platform, the user agrees that the TianWa online education platform has the following rights: The TianWa online education platform has free, permanent, unavailable,non-exclusive and fully sublicensed rights and permissions to the content around the world; TianWa online education platform has the right to use, copy, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works, spread, perform and display such content (overall Or part of it), and/or incorporate such content into the rights and licenses of any other form of work, media or technology currently known or developed in the future. In addition, the user permits TianWa Online Education Platform Company to have the right to take separate legal actions (including but not limited to litigation, reporting, lawyer’s letter, etc.) regarding any subject’s infringement.


  1. If TianWa Chineseusers’ remarks infringe on the copyright or other rights of a third party and the third party raises an objection, TianWa Chinese has the right to delete the relevant content, and reconciliation and mediation between the objector and the user After the dispute has been resolved through arbitration, litigation, etc.. Based on this, TianWa Chinese can restore the deleted content after receiving the relevant application.
  2. When users obtain information from the services of TianWa Chinesewithout prior permission, and provide it to a third party to copy, send, disseminate and other means for profit purposes, the relevant parties will be investigated for legal responsibility .
  3. Without the prior permission of the company, it is prohibited to use any robot, crawler program, other automatic equipment, or manual program to monitor or copy the webpage of TianWa Chineseor any content contained in it. Otherwise, TianWa Chinese has the right to pursue legal liabilities according to law.
  4. If a third party wants to use the question, answer or comment on the TianWa Chinese, it needs to obtain the consent of the relevant user before using it.


  1. No guarantee, Limited liability and Disclaimer
  2. No guarantees are allowed: The questions, answers, and speeches of TianWa Chineseusers only represent the user’s personal views, and have nothing to do with the company.TianWa Chinese does not assess the correctness, accuracy, and authenticity of the answers or comments posted by users guarantee. The TianWa Chinese is provided on an as-is basis, including flaws and defects, and the company does not provide any other guarantees. The company does not promise other guarantees and guarantees, whether express or implied, including but not limited to marketability and adaptability for specific purposes, non-infringement, and any guarantees and conditions arising from the transaction process or business practices. Any advice or information obtained from the company or elsewhere, whether oral or written, will not give the company other guarantees and guarantees other than those expressly stipulated in this agreement.


  1. Limited liability: within the maximum scope permitted by applicable laws, for whatever reason, the company’s full responsibility to you is the total amount of fees paid by you to the company for using the products and services of the TianWa Chinese. If the company provides you with TianWa Chineseservices for free, the company is not obligated to bear any liability for compensation to you. Under any circumstance, the company will not take any special, incidental, punitive or indirect damages (including but not limited to data loss, loss of profits) arising from this agreement or related to this agreement or related to the operation of the TianWa Chinese. (Or business losses) or purchasing alternative products, regardless of whether such liabilities are based on contract, guarantee, tort (including negligence), strict liability or other, and regardless of whether the company has been notified in advance of the possibility of loss or damage. Even if the limited remedies agreed in this agreement fail to achieve its fundamental purpose, the aforementioned limitation of liability still applies.


  1. Disclaimer: If user information is leaked, lost, stolen or tampered with due to any of the reasons listed below, the company has the right to be exempted:

(1) Any temporary shutdown caused by government control and other force majeure reasons that affect normal Internet browsing

(2) Any computer system problem, hacker attack, computer virus intrusion or cause;

(3) Any account or bank card information leakage caused by network security issues may cause economic losses to the user, and the user undertakes to bear the responsibility of the infringing party and the consequences that cannot be held accountable;

(4) Any leakage, loss, theft or tampering of user information caused by the user’s personal reasons;

(5) Other reasons that cannot be attributed to the company.


  1. User Privacy Statement
  2. The company only collects user information for the purpose of providing users with better and more personalized services, and the company attaches great importance to the protection of personal information of minors. If you are a minor, please be sure to have your guardian carefully read this privacy policy and use the TianWa Chinese or provide relevant user information to the TianWa Chinese with the consent of the guardian.


  1. In the process of users using the TianWa Chinese, the company will follow the principles of lawfulness, fairness and necessity to collect relevant information about users who usethe TianWa Chinese, including but not limited to:

(1) User registration or login account information, such as the phone number, name or nickname used by the user to register the account, the class and school filled in by the user;

(2) Information uploaded by users, such as users’ posts, comments, sharing, information that users actively fill in, or relevant information provided by users when they contact the customer service of the TianWa Chinese;

(3) Information generated during the user’s use of the TianWa Chinese. The company will receive and record the device-related information used by the user, such as device attribute information, device location information, device connection information, etc., according to the permissions granted by the user;

(4) Other user information collected by TianWa Chinese through legal means according to user authorization.


  1. We attach great importance to user information security and try our best reasonable efforts to adopt various reasonable physical, electronic, and managerial security measures to protect user information and ensure that user information will not be leaked, tampered with, destroyed, or lost, including but not limited to SSL, information encryption storage, data center access control, information access authority control, etc. Moreover, the company will not illegally sell or provide user information to others; the company will not provide such user information to any third party, nor will it be used for any other purpose, except in the following cases, 1) Disclosure to third parties with the user’s consent; 2) Disclosure to third parties or administrative or judicial agencies in accordance with relevant provisions of the law or the requirements of administrative or judicial institutions; 3) The company cooperates with third parties to provide users with related services or other network services, and such third parties agree to assume the same responsibility as the company to protect user privacy; 4) Other disclosures that should be made in accordance with laws, regulations or policies.


  1. This privacy statement is only a summary provision. The company will issue a separate user privacy policy to stipulate the collection, use, and protection of user information. If the terms of this privacy statement are inconsistent with the user privacy policy issued separately, the latter is final.


VI Others

  1. If a sub-service of TianWa Chinese is accompanied by a separate use agreement, the use of the sub-service will be subject to the separate use agreement.


  1. The laws of the People’s Republic of China apply to the signing, taking effect, performance, and dispute resolution of this agreement.


  1. Disputes related to this agreement shall be settled through friendly negotiation. If the negotiation fails, the dispute will be submitted to the court of jurisdiction where the company is located for settlement.


  1. Users’ opinions and suggestions on TianWa Mandarin  can be contacted with the company through the customer service mailbox 1159572027@qq.com