Online Mandarin Courses

Teaching Philosophy

Adding a human touch to the education

According to the PBL pedagogical method, we help students learn Chinese vocabularies and sentences in real situation. With the aid of visualized materials, we present students a vivid context, activating their prior knowledge, so that they can grasp Chinese words and sentences easily.

Curriculum Design

Personalized Teaching Method and Scientific Course Design


5P teaching method (Preparation -Presentation-Practice-Production-Progress): With proper arrangement of language points in class, students can learn Chinese in a more efficient way.


Vocabulary basics: With detailed step-by-step instructions, students can make up well-formed sentences. Students will learn the way of word-formation and collocations.


Reading comprehension : We combine extracurricular reading materials with textbooks, so that they can derive enjoyment from reading, and learn more about Chinese culture.


Composition Writing : To improve students’ practical ability, apart from the accumulation of words, we encourage students to write compositions and correct results on a regular basis.


Variety courses for different levels and needs

Mandarin For Kids

Suitable for kids from 3 years old
Learning Chinese with joy
Improving language ability in all aspects

YCT Course

Suitable for learners with 0 experience
Qualified learning materials
Improving oral Chinese

Math Course

Suitable for kids of all ages
Cultivating logical thinking
Improving speed and accuracy in calculation

Mandarin For Adults

Suitable for adults and teenagers
Mastering daily Chinese conversation
Improving practical Chinese ability

HSK Course

Suitable for adults and teenagers
Personal learning program & regular practice
Techniques for HSK exams

Business Mandarin

Suitable for business need
Providing real communicative environment
Meeting the language needs of Chinese companies

Our Teachers

Full-time teachers who fit your schedule, learn day or night, weekday or weekend.

Jiang Jing

Leader of Teaching Group

8 years of experience in international Chinese education. Understand the pain points and difficulties of foreign students Chinese learning

Qian Cheng

Kids Mandarin teacher

4 years of teaching experience. Passionate, kind and caring. Good at teaching: Pinyin, characters writing and speaking 

Xu Xiaolin

Adults Mandarin teacher

5 years of teaching experience. Focus on listening and oral teaching. Good at interacting with students and help them overcome their difficulties in cross-cultural communication

Wang Lei

Business Mandarin teacher

4 years of teaching experience. Rich working experience in business interpretation. Familiar with business documents writing and business negotiation

Pricing Plans

From 5 to 30 dollars each class, 1-on-1 to 1-on-6 small group class, 30 mins or 1 hour for each class.

Mandarin for Kids


Mandarin for Adults


Business Mandarin