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3-18 years capacity development mandarin course

Young children's core growth ability is the key to promote lifelong learning, adapt to the future society, and realize individual all-round development. Xingtianwa Chinese school plays an important role in cultivating children's growth ability with its pioneering and innovative educational idea and practice.

Chinese learning courses

Curriculum Design

Personalized Teaching Method and Scientific Course Design


13 years of professional teaching and research precipitation, high quality, teaching and research team joint research and development.


Traditional teaching of writing Chinese characters on board.


Teach students according to their aptitude and customize the course content and assignments according to the different levels of each student.


Different from the uniform progress of teaching methods, students understand more thoroughly, more easy to grasp the knowledge.

The advantages of Chinese introductory class

The initiation class is suitable for the three-to-six-year-old children who are learning Chinese at the beginning, let the children in the pure Chinese classroom context of learning to speak Chinese to stimulate students interest in learning Chinese, improve Chinese thinking ability.

Improve listening and speaking skills

Learning to speak Chinese in a pure Chinese classroom environment.

Increase interest in learning

Games, children's songs, animation, audio and video and other means of multi-dimensional presentation.

Boost students'confidence

Situational, heuristic and encouraging teaching methods enable students to dare to speak out.

Primary school Chinese Learning For Kids

It is suitable for children aged 6-18 who are studying full-time in international Chinese schools or Chinese schools, or who have a Chinese language foundation abroad after completing part of the primary school curriculum in China.


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Primary school Chinese Course description

This course is based on 《primary Chinese curriculum standards》, 《International Chinese education Chinese level grading standards》 and International Reading Literacy Progress Research Project (PIRLS) , combining 13 years of teaching experience, scientific curriculum.

Teaching methods

Problem-based Learning (PBL) is used to promote students to learn vocabulary and sentences by using real-life problems and situations instead of explaining concepts directly.

PBL can also promote the development of critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills.

Primary school Math Course 

According to the mathematics curriculum standard of compulsory education in China, the mathematics curriculum of Xingtianwa primary school is refined into four ability modules to build a complete and comprehensive mathematics education system.

To help children exercise positive thinking, initiative to explore the ability, so that the child’s overall quality of comprehensive development, cultivate the ability to benefit a lifetime.

Scratch fun programming and Children’s art 

The curriculum is designed in a spiral based on the child’s own developmental characteristics, combining art appreciation, classic children’s picture books, and art masters with professional art training methods, focus on exploration and creation, feeling and expression.

The system curriculum and the characteristic curriculum unifies, gives the child more comprehensive rich artistic experience and the artistic raise.