Why should we learn Chinese?

People learn Chinese for various reasons, some for business, some for study, some for travelling. No matter what their reasons are, they have a specific target to work hard for. Nowadays more and more foreigners are learning Chinese.

It seems become a popular trend that many people would follow. So, have you asked yourself why do you learn Chinese? You can think for a while, and I will give my views of why people learn Chinese.

For personal and professional reasons:

For the achievers

Some people are longing to work in the 2nd biggest economy of the world. Because the salary there is high, and the future of this job is promising. As long as they think they are qualified enough, they will apply for the jobs in China.

Some want to boost their CV. People in China would always say that an extra certificate would bring you an extra business opportunity.

It is always beneficial to get a certificate, a skill. No one wants to be speechless when having a job interview.

For exam purpose. A language test would bring you more chances in a foreign country.

For example, you have to pass HSK test if you hope to study in Chinese universities; you have to pass TOFEL to study in universities in USA, Canada and so on. Or you have to pass a language exam if you want to get a scholarship.

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For the befrienders

Work with Chinese suppliers. It is similar to work in China, which is also a business purpose. When the company you work for need to cooperate with Chinese suppliers, they would ask staff to be able to communicate in Chinese.

If it is your responsibility to do so, then that’s why you learn Chinese.

Connect with 1.4 billion people. This could also be explained as to make friends with Chinese people, online or offline.

As is known to all that most Chinese people use WeChat to communicate with others. So, some foreigners would register an account on it and try to say something with native-speaking Chinese. If they know something about Chinese, things will become totally different.

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For the freespirit

China is such a big country with plenty of tourist attractions. There are places worth visiting. Like West Lake, the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, some foreigners have never seen them and are longing to see them. So, they work hard to learn Chinese, hoping that one day could ask Chinese people about these places.

Surprise Chinese people. Chinese people would be surprised if they see some foreigners can speak fluent Chinese.

They are interested in your language learning experience. So, you can tell them why you learn Chinese and how much you love China.

Of course, there are many other reasons why people learn Chinese. Since the article is limited in length, I will not list them all.

If you want to share why you learn Chinese, you can also post it online. I am sure that other netizens would like to talk about it with you.

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