Is learning Mandarin worth it?

Surfing on the Internet, you could see plenty of discussions like “Is learning Mandarin worth it” on platforms like Quora.

Are you learning Mandarin? For what reason? Why do you choose to learn Mandarin?

Here are some opinions collected for learning Mandarin:

Opinions from French Netizens

China is playing a more and more significant role in nowadays society. The number of people whose mother tongue is Chinese is much mother than that of English. Thus, the opportunities of doing business with Chinese people is getting more and more large.

Is learning Mandarin worth it for them? Of course, and apart from that, plenty of learners are interested in Chinese culture, and some are eager to impress their Chinese friends.

Indeed Chinese/Mandarin is a language that is difficult for most foreigners. This is also the same for native speakers.

No matter what your reason of learning Mandarin is, even if you just want to talk with Chinese people, you should insist on learning it.

Opinions from Germany Scholars

They put up with a similar thought: to increase their future prospects. This is easy to understand as Chinese students and adults are also learning English in order to do overseas business.

Language is a helpful tool to help you get the ticket for professional purpose. The scale of e-commerce in China has already exceeded 1 trillion dollars.

IF you’d like to make money in China, you have to learn Mandarin.

Is learning Chinese/Mandarin worth it if you are aimed to open the door to potential career choices? The answer is definitely yes.

Apart from that, they also think learning Mandarin is good for exercising your brain since Chinese is a hieroglyphic language.

If you get the chance to travel to some popular cities, you will be glad to find some shop assistants or waiters are able to speak Mandarin to receive customers.

In addition to that, Ali Pay is also accepted in many shops there, which is convenient for Chinese customers.

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Opinions from British Netizens

Some say they worked in an international company where they got plenty chances of attending kinds of business activities.

Talking to Chinese people in their mother tongue help them establish trust quickly, especially when they are trying to cooperate with a Chinese company for the first time.

Some of them even spent much time analyzing Chinese language and literature. Of course, it is nothing to do with their career.

Is learning Mandarin worth it for them? Sure, not only do they learn it to earn money, but also they learn it for pure interest.

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Opinions from American Netizens

Nearly a quarter of people live in China. Being able to speak and communicate in Mandarin means you can establish connections with so many people.

Also, China’s economy is the world’s second largest one. Whether or not it can surpass USA to become the biggest one, it will continue to play as an extremely important to do business in the 21st century.

Few days ago, our company decided to sell our video courses in Udemy. We are surprised to find that all the information can be written in Chinese.

And the customer service staff also replied to our letter in Chinese. Clearly foreign companies like Udemy attach much significance to the cooperation with Chinese people.

So, can you answer the question of is learning Mandarin worth it? At least I think it can bring much convenience to international trade.

Apart from that, China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Learning Chinese does good to getting familiar with Asian culture.

Statistics show that keep learning a complex language can reduce the risk of some type of dementia.

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Forbes has an article discussing language learning

Learning language is for life, not just for business.

During the past few decades, the growth of Mandarin teaching in foreign countries is astonishing.

Although you may find it is an article published in 2014, you can infer that the trend has been taking Mandarin learning to a wider world.

Many countries have listed Mandarin as the most important language for their citizens to learn and has started more and more Chinese courses in local schools.

Whether you agree with it or not, Mandarin has been a language used around the world.

Forbes points out that learning a language should not be so utilitarian. Acquiring another language enriches us far beyond helping us getting rich. We should focus more on how much benefits it can bring us not how much money we can earn with the help of it.

Is learning Mandarin worth it? I guess you have your own thoughts after you finish reading this article.

If you are a Mandarin beginner and don’t know how to start, search blogs online or in this website, you are sure to get some useful ideas.

While if you have been learning Mandarin for a period of time and wondering what to do next. I have to tell you that perseverance matters a lot.

Learning Mandarin is definitely worth it. What’s your difficulties during the process of learning Mandarin? Don’t hesitate to tell us.

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