HSK 1 Words

As is known to all, the HSK test takes a significant part in foreigners’ life in China. People who want to have a close connection with the mysterious oriental power spare much time to study for the HSK test. And many people focus on HSK 1 words.

Some are afraid that their Chinese proficiency is not so good, thus they choose to take the HSK 1 test, which contains 150 words. So what are the HSK 1 words? Are you confident enough to say that you have mastered all of them? Now let’s have a look at them together.

HSK 1 Words

Nouns (63)

家jiā     饭馆fànguǎn     商店shāngdiàn

医院yīyuàn     火车站huǒchēzhàn     中国zhōngguó

北京běijīng     上shàng     下xià

前面qiánmiàn     后面hòumiàn     里lǐ

今天jīntiān     明天míngtiān     昨天zuótiān

上午shàngwǔ     中午zhōngwǔ     下午xiàwǔ

年nián     月yuè     日rì

星期xīngqī     点diǎn     分钟fēnzhōng

现在xiànzài     时候shíhou     爸爸bàba

妈妈māma     儿子érzi     女儿nǚ’ér

老师lǎoshī     学生xuésheng     同学tóngxué

朋友péngyou     医生yīshēng     先生xiānsheng

小姐xiǎojiě     衣服yīfu     水shuǐ

菜cài     米饭mǐfàn     水果shuǐguǒ

苹果píngguǒ     茶chá

杯子bēizi     钱qián     飞机fēijī

出租车chūzūchē     电视diànshì     电脑diànnǎo

电影diànyǐng     天气tiānqì     猫māo

狗gǒu     东西dōngxi     人rén

名字míngzi     书shū     汉语hànyǔ

字zì     桌子zhuōzi     椅子yǐzi

Verbs (36)

谢谢xièxie     不bú     客气kèqi

再见zàijiàn     请qǐng     对不起duìbuqǐ

没méi     关系guānxi     是shì

有yǒu     看kàn     听tīng

说话shuōhuà     读dú     写xiě

看见kànjiàn     叫jiào     来lái

回huí     去qù     吃chī

喝hē     睡觉shuìjiào     打dǎ

电话diànhuà     做zuò     买mǎi

开kāi     坐zuò     住zhù

学习xuéxí     工作gōngzuò     下雨xiàyǔ


Adjectives (9)

好hǎo     大dà     小xiǎo

多duō     少shǎo     冷lěng

热rè     高兴gāoxìng     漂亮piàoliang

Pronouns (14)

我wǒ     你nǐ     他tā

她tā     我们wǒmen     这zhè(这儿zhèr )

那nà(儿nàr)     哪nǎ(哪儿nǎr)     谁shéi

什么shénme     多少duōshao     几jǐ

怎么zěnme     怎么样zěnmeyàng

Numerals (11)

一yī     二èr     三sān

四sì     五wǔ     六liù

七qī     八bā     九jiǔ

十shí     零líng


个gè     岁suì     本běn

些xiē     块kuài

Adverbs (5)

不bù     没méi     很hěn

太tài     都dōu

Conjunctions (1)


Preposition (1)


Auxiliary Word(4)

的de     了le

吗ma     呢ne



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How long does it take to pass HSK 1?

Since HSK 1 is the easiest level of HSK tests, so how long does it take for you to learn to pass it all depends on the resources you have at your fingertips. There is not a fixed time, since there are not so many HSK 1 words in the vocabulary. But if you can follow the steps strictly, you will pass it quickly!

Get Evaluated

Your present Chinese proficiency determines which level of HSK you should take. You can’t do it by yourself. Try to find an online institution or a reliable local Chinese school, they have a standard and professional way to check your weaknesses and strengths. It can save you a ton of time and get you headed in the right direction.

Take an HSK Test Prep Lesson for Level 1

It is not the best solution, but it is an acceptable way for those who don’t have the ability to efficiently learn by himself. Choose an online Chinese institution that has everything for learners: evaluation, consulting, and lesson courses exclusively for your HSK level.

After you finish the courses there, you will be able to understand some HSK 1 words and phrases. The prep lesson will fulfill your basic needs of passing the HSK 1 test as long as you meet a patient and professional teacher.

Apart from that, a good teacher will tell you what your strengths and weaknesses are. And your mistakes will be correctly at once. While if you learn alone, you will never know how well you are and whether your spoken Chinese is standard enough. A nice Chinese will arrange your learning process at a pace that suits you most. Never worry about that you can’t follow the lessons, you can ask questions and review whenever you think necessary.

Have a Couple of Supplemental Resources

Choose 1 or 2 apps adding to your phone. Don’t add too much at once, your attention will be distracted, thus your time will be wasted.

There are flashcards online. If you are a Chinese beginner, I would strongly recommend you do so. The more you master, the less the words will be repeated in your deck. This is a terrific and progressive way to study.

Last but Not Least

It is not difficult to master all the HSK 1 words, but it is difficult to insist on learning Chinese and passing more tests like HSK 2, HSK 3, HSK 4, HSK 5, HSK 6 and so on. Mastering the HSK 1 words is the first step, and it is also the most significant step for a Chinese learner. Hope you will succeed in the future.

Trust yourself, you are the best one!

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