How to Say Happy in Mandarin Chinese?

There are various ways to express feelings in Chinese. People focus on emotions like happiness, sadness, excitement and so on. So how to say happy in Mandarin?

“Happy”, frankly speaking, comes in many forms in Mandarin Chinese. We Chinese can say that in one Character, two Characters, three Characters and so on.

One Chinese Character to Express Happy in Mandarin

乐 adjective Lè (pinyin)

In Chinese sentences we normally say:


Uncle Wang is a contented person and always keeps happy.

喜 adjective Xǐ (pinyin)

In Chinese sentences we normally say:


I felt a moment of despair at first, but then my worry turned to happy.

欢 adjective Huān (pinyin)

How to say happy in Mandarin in sentences:


In the early morning, the birds in the woods are like children singing their children’s songs happily.

快 adjective Kuài (pinyin)

One example of how to say happy in Mandarin sentences:


Under the nourishment of rain, the grass took a bath happily and became greener.

欣 adjective Xīn (pinyin)

In Chinese sentences we usually say:


We were relieved and happy to hear the news.

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Two Chinese Characters to Express Happy in Mandarin

Chinese words have their unique ways to say “happy”, here are four common words & phrases of two characters for you.

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高兴  (gāo xìng in pinyin)

高兴 is the term we usually use both in spoken and written Chinese to express happy, here are some examples of how to use it.


She got the first place in the dance, and she got carried away happily.


wǒ hěn gāo xìng rèn shi nǐ

It was nice to meet you. / I’m happy to meet you.

开心  (kāi xīn in pinyin)

It’s easy to see that 开心 and 高兴 can be used in same context.

So 她很开心 equals 她很高兴, they both mean “She’s very happy.”

However, according to statistic, it’s not recommended to say 开心 in terms of meeting people.

You are supposed to say 我很高兴认识你, instead of 我很开心认识你。

幸福 (xìng fú in pinyin)

Different from 高兴 and 开心, 幸福 depicts a mood of long time. You are “幸福”means you are quite happy for very long.

In English we also call it blessing.

And when it comes to how to say happy in Mandarin sentences, here are some examples:


My childhood life was not happy.


Those who have experienced hardship know how to cherish happiness better.

快乐  (kuài lè in pinyin)

We all know that it means happy in Mandarin, but it can be used in two ways.

The first way is used as a mood.


I’m very happy.

The second is used as a wish.


Happy New Year.

do you know how to say happy in Mandarin

Three Or More Chinese Characters to Express Happy in Mandarin

There are some expressions you can refer to when you don’t know how to say happy in Mandarin.

For those which are formed with four Chinese characters (Chinese idioms), you may need to learn for a long time to acquire them.

Here are some examples:

乐坏了 (lè huài le in pinyin)

It means someone is quite happy, or extremely happy.

Here are some examples:


We were extremely happy to hear about his success.


This is a Chinese idiom which means someone is joy/happy without restraint.

Examples of using it in a sentence:


Do you know how to say happy in Mandarin now?

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