How to pass HSK 4 listening?

Nothing in the world is demanding as long as you work hard towards it, which is the same for Chinese learning. Foreigners who plan to study, work or live in China would choose to attend tests of HSK. Considering HSK 5 and HSK 6 are too difficult for a non-native speaker, many of them prefer to take the test of HSK 4. Frankly speaking, among the three parts of listening, reading and writing, HSK 4 listening is the most annoying and troublesome part. So how to pass HSK 4 listening?

Why it’s not easy to get good grades in HSK 4 listening?

HSK 4 is equivalent to a higher intermediate level in other languages. It seems that what you need to improve is listening, but in fact you need to learn far more than listening. For example, the Chinese characters 时 石 十 share the same pronunciation.

When you hear the Chinese character in a sentence, you need to figure out what’s the actual meaning of the character in the sentence.

Are you eager to know how to pass HSK 4 listening? Come and read the following sentences.

HSK 4 listening

Questions of HSK 4 Listening

There are altogether three parts in the HSK 4 listening.

HSK 4 listening part 1: The first part consists of 10 questions. Listen to each question once. For each question, one person first said a short paragraph, and the other person said a sentence based on this paragraph. This sentence is also provided on the test paper, and the candidate is required to judge right or wrong.

HSK 4 listening part 2: There are 15 questions in the second part. Listen to each question once. Each question is a two-sentence dialogue between two people. The third person asks a question based on the dialogue. There are 4 options on the test paper. Candidates choose the answer based on what they hear.

HSK 4 listening part 3: The third part contains 20 questions. Listen to each question once. This part of the test questions are 4 to 5 dialogues or a short paragraph. One or two questions are asked according to the dialogue or language segment. Each question on the test paper provides 4 options. The test taker selects the answer based on what he hears.

If you want to know how to pass HSK 4 listening, you’d better to know more about it.

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Examples of HSK 4 Listening

Part 1 of HSK 4 listening: 我挺喜欢现在住的地方,很安静。不像以前住的地方,虽然交通方便,但是周围很吵。★他现在住的地方很安静。

Part 2 of HSK 4 listening: 男:喂,你好,我在网上看到你们的广告,你有房子要出租是吗?


Part 3 of HSK 4 listening: 女:你一个人对着手机笑什么?





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How to prepare for the listening part?

First of all, if possible, go to stay in China for more than 1 month. You will be forced to live in an environment where everything is in Chinese. Almost everyone will talk to you in Chinese.

Imagine what would happen if you don’t know what to say when people want to have a conversation with you in Chinese. Embarrassing, isn’t it?

Then there are websites that make you find language friends from all over the world. When it comes to making friends with Chinese people, I would recommend you register a WeChat account. People in China can do lots of things with the help of WeChat.

So, if you really want to get good grades in HSK 4 listening, you might as well accept my suggestions. Apart from that, try to be more friendly. Chinese people are willing to help those who are friendly and kind.

Don’t take it for granted that a Chinese person would answer all your questions when you don’t know much about each other.

Thirdly, it is also recommended to watch Chinese documentary films. The listening materials in HSK 4 are all daily conversations, so being able to understand Chinese documentary films is quite critical. Here I’d share some with you:

  • 《我在故宫修文物》
  • 《美丽中国》
  • 《二十二》
  • 《三十二》
  • 《如果国宝会说话》

Some of these have both Chinese and English subtitles, so it would be easier for Chinese beginners to watch. You might as well watch them 30 minutes a day and take notes when necessary. It is helpful for you HSK learning.

It’s good to have a purpose to fight for. Once you’ve made up your mind to learn and pass HSK 4, hardworking is your only key to success. Cherish your motivation of Chinese learning.

I wish you good luck on your Chinese learning. You are sure to get good grades in the HSK 4 listening!

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