How to make learning Chinese fun for kids?

These days, when you log in your social media accounts, ads about learning Chinese for kids would flood into your sight. Though lots of them say they can “make learning Chinese fun for kids”, you really doubt if they can.

Let’s start from some common thoughts about making Chinese fun to learn among the parents and see what on earth these methods would bring their children.

Curiosity is the Source

Let us try to figure out when would children think they are doing something funny. Playing with mud? Yes. Watching animation? Yes. Learning Chinese? No?

It’s not a secret that children’s biggest motivation comes from their curiosity. That explains for the change of their feeling in the examples above.

So how do we attract our children to be curious about Chinese learning? How to teach Chinese for kids? I guess the answer is simpler than you’ve ever expect.

The first thing is to let your children feel boring. Take away the toys and the remote control, put some picture books, and all you need to do is to wait.

This reminds me of my childhood. My parents were busy, so they left me doing what I want some times. I almost searched every inch of ground to see if there was anything I could play with, or anything that is fun for Chinese learning. Obviously I found nothing.

The wardrobe got my attention after my research. There I found something – a book called “Aesop’s Fables” lying inside the wardrobe.

Then I started to read. Although I couldn’t recognize some words inside, it really fascinated me.

I could still recall what I’ve read right now. As a matter of fact, I was never been forced to learn Chinese like some of my classmates.

Learning Chinese was and is like adventures to me, since there is always something new waiting for me to find out.

Not all the kids are as lucky as me. Some of them don’t have chance to have access to Chinese when they are at their early age. That means they need a good teacher.

So how to make Chinese learning fun for kids like them? I had no idea at that time.

Chinese learning is fun

The old school teachers would tell newbies in their team “don’t make friend with your students”. That’s true, because teacher’s mission is to teach what they know to their students.

However, this myth is no longer a myth as the new teachers nowadays try to make friends with their students.

What teachers truly do is to inspire their students to discover things they should learn.

Should my children learn Mandarin?It requires wisdom rather than knowledge.

Some parents never have the chance to study at school, but they are able to send their children to get well-educated. That’s because they know how to teacher.

Do not ask

Let’s continue our topic. What’s the simplest way to spoil your kids’ joy in learning Chinese? Ask them to make some “plan” would be the best answer.

I know parents suffer great stress nowadays. But that’s not an excuse to place your anger on your children. Great parents give their children confidence, others just take it away.

The old stories always tell us some children were born to be the winners. They studied hard since childhood, and were ambitious enough to make progress.

However, “genius” also needs great parents to guide them. How I Taught Kids to Read Chinese as a Non-Chinese Speaker?

I can’t remember how many professional scientists and people in other fields express their gratitude towards their parents. It is true.

If their parents consider their children’s words as jokes, there would be no more scientists.

Some parents just push too hard. They want their children to fulfill their destiny, to get to a better place which their parents never made.

But all their children need is a sentence which tells them “you can make it”. How could them make Chinese learning interesting for their own kids?

Remember you are not your bossy supervisor at your work place when you come back from work and face your children. No more “I’m asking you to learn 20 Chinese characters this week”, please.

Be nice parents, and your children would follow with joy.

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Play with me

Parents should participate in children’s learning as well, but not interrupting them. Playing a game with your children would be a nice way to join in their study.

Here are some games for parents to boost their growth of interest in Chinese study.

“Lost and Found” requires you some word cards. You are the owner of lost and found, and your children need to find the missing word cards and hand it to you.

The second step, you would act the owner and ask if your children have what you have lost.

In this game, your children can practice how to describe things by their features (color, shape, etc.) in Chinese.

“Hungry tiger” is another interesting game. Parents are “tigers”. When children ask “tiger tiger what do you want”, parents would name a Chinese character.

Then children will give the “tiger” the word card he/she wants. If it fits the demand of the “tiger”, the “tiger” would continue asking for “food”.

If the card is wrong, the “tiger” wins. Children and their parents would be the “tiger” by turns. The kids would feel it funny and giggle when they are caught by the “tigers”.

The only thing is do remember not to hurt your children by accident.

Maybe your children would have fun learning Chinese with their teachers or friends, but you’re essential to keep them learn Chinese with confidence and joy.

Take some time to company your children, and you’ll find out their potential in Chinese learning is more than meets the eye.