How to learn Chinese language easily?

There are many options to learn Chinese language easily. If you want to go ahead with a successful career, you may select the option of learning Chinese well. And if you are planning to study in Chinese university, you may go with the option of learning Chinese well and pass HSK test. Also, if you hope to order dishes in Chinese restaurants, you might as well get the option of learning some common sentences in Chinese.

In order to help you solve all these problems, I’d like to offer you 5 suggestions on how to learn Chinese language easily. Hope you will like them:

To Learn Chinese More Often

Given that you have a basic understanding of Chinese, now you need to focus more on what you listen and read. The quality of input matters a lot to the quality of output; thus, you have to find standard Chinese learning materials. No more dialects. Among all the TV programs, CCTV News broadcast is the very one I would recommend.

Hosts of it all speak standard Chinese which does good to your practice of listening and speaking. Listening and imitating are always suitable for a language beginner. Apart from that, if you have enough time and money, you can also sign up for an online Chinese learning course.

If you are lucky enough to meet a responsible and kind teacher, she will help you solve all the problems and find most suitable ways for you to learn Chinese.

I do understand those Chinese beginners who get in touch with Chinese first. It is quite difficult to get the sound and each word sounds pretty similar. But as time goes on, the more you hear, the more you will understand.

The answer to how to learn Chinese easily may be to learn Chinese more often, to listen more and to practice more.

how to learn Chinese easily for foreigners

Time to Learn Chinese Character

Since you are able to distinguish sounds of Chinese characters, the next thing you need to do is to learn Chinese characters. Please make sure that you are learning from a qualified teacher, whether online or offline.

Only an excellent teacher can lead you to the right way of learning Chinese. Once you get to know about each Chinese character, you would start to memorize them.

If you are available, you may spend half an hour to an hour in a day to learn these characters.

So how to learn Chinese language easily? There is not a best way, but there are always good ways. No matter what method you decided to take, you have to spare some time to learn Chinese characters, which is undeniable.

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Start Understanding the Rules

An old saying goes like that “Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards.” There are rules to form Chinese words, Chinese sentences, Chinese paragraphs and Chinese articles.

Rules between Chinese and English are totally different. Chinese is a hieroglyph that focuses on expressing meanings, while English is not.

You’d better start with the simple rules. Starting with tricky grammar rules means you will start feeling lethargic. Just go with simple and easy-to-understand rules.

For example, in Chinese the verbs do not change according to the tense like English.

  1. 我吃面  I eat noodles.
  2. 我吃面了 I ate noodles.
  3. 我将吃面 I will eat noodles.
  4. 他吃面 He eats noodles.

Additionally, Chinese expresses meaning in a more casual way, while English does not.

For example, in Chinese we can express “have you eaten lunch” in several ways like these:

  1. 你吃午饭了吗
  2. 吃午饭了吗你
  3. 你吃了吗,午饭
  4. 你吃了午饭吗

However, in English word and word connects in a fixed order, you can’t say like “you, have eaten lunch” or “have eaten you lunch”.

How to learn Chinese language easily? Learning Chinese grammar rules is a must-to-do step to become excellent.

Keep Reading to Have More Clear Understanding

Reading is usually a practical way to improve yourself, no matter what your Chinese proficiency is. You ought to read more and more, which does good to your understanding of Chinese. The best thing is that you will also learn many other things apart from the language itself, or you can say that learning the language only may not be so beneficial.

By learning Chinese, you will develop a new way of viewing the world. You can know how Chinese people will think, say and act when things occur.

Reading masterpieces of Chinese novelists, you would feel like you are a member in the book. They depict the scenes in a vivid way that nearly everyone falls in love with it. And many films are shot according to them.

So, if you ask me how to learn Chinese language easily, I recommend you read more and more.

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Keep Speaking

Since you have got enough input, now it’s turned to keep speaking. Don’t judge yourself anymore. What you should do is to keep enhancing your confidence. The more you speak, the more you will get closer to Chinese.

Only by thousands of times of practicing can you gradually tackle your mistakes. Trust me, no one can speak a language fluently when they first get in touch with it. Practice makes perfect.

The more you are afraid of opening your mouth to speak, the more difficult you will find to improve yourself. Never doubt your ability to learn it well.

In order to talk like a native speaker, you might as well find a Chinese partner to help you practice speaking. How to learn Chinese language easily? Keeping speaking is a practical way for you.

Stop waiting for a good chance to start learning Chinese, move on right now! It is time to find a qualified teacher to teach you and to figure out the most suitable ways to practice Chinese skills.

The past is gone and static, the future is before us and dynamic. You can sure to create miracle by your own hand.

Good luck!

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