How many hours a day to learn Chinese?

It is not easy to learn Chinese if you don’t have a clear plan, but it is also not difficult to learn Chinese if you know what you are going to learn and how to realize your goal in a certain period of time. People may want to know how many hours a day to learn Chinese, but you need to well plan it.

In other words, as long as you divide your big goal into several small parts, learning Chinese is much easier than you have ever thought about.

The learning curve varies from person to person. So, if you want to speak like a native, the following things maybe significant to you.

When you are starting to learn a language, you may want to know how much you need to spend to realize your purpose, or when you are able to talk to native-speaking people.

To make it simple, I think this question could be simplified into two parts: how many hours you need to spend every day, and how much time do you need to spend to learn Chinese in all. Given that you are aimed at speaking fluently and planning to take it seriously.

Two Hours a Day to Learn Chinese

For instance, you spend two hours every day previewing and reviewing. Then you’re learning process may be like this:

Start learning Pinyin for a period of time

For any language like Chinese, the foundation is very important. As is known to all that there are four tones of Chinese characters, you may easily get confused when you are not familiar with them. So, practicing and correcting is necessary in this step.

You can’t learn Chinese well if you are not able to use Pinyin correctly. After that, you may study for about two years in your country. During this time, your tones and pronunciation should be corrected through thousands of times of practice.

Do pay attention to this step, your wrong pronunciation might cause misunderstanding between you and the native-speaking people.

If You Are a Student

If you are a student, you may apply for a scholarship in a Chinese university or do self-support to go to China to engage in an intensive language program for a period of one or two years (Universities should be four years).

When you are choosing cities, I’d suggest you go to those small ones where there are not so many foreigners, and you will get more opportunities to talk to native-speaking people. Also, tuition fees there would be cheaper.

You can do tutoring to earn some money for your language training. While if you are not a student, you can also go to universities to attend Chinese courses for free. Chinese people are willing to help those who want to learn Chinese. You can ask them whenever you have problems.

Spend More Time on a Regular Basis on Media

After doing all the things above, you could spend more time on a regular basis watching and reading Chinese media (TV series, news report, articles and movies) for about one year.

I don’t mean that you don’t need to do it when you are learning Pinyin or studying in China. I mean it is a step-by-step progress to learn Chinese, and every step has its meaning.

How many hours a day to learn Chinese? If you learn 2 hours a day for several years like that, I’m sure your Chinese proficiency would improve a lot after that.

how many hours do we need to learn chinese

Five Hours a Day to Learn Chinese

While if you have much more time to learn Chinese every day, for example, 5 or 6 hours a day. Then you’re learning process may be slightly different from that of 2 hours day.

Since you have 5 hours a day to learn Chinese, then you need to find some interesting ways, or you might get bored during the process of endless reading and memorizing for years.

Try to sign up for online Chinese courses if you have enough money

An excellent online Chinese teacher can teach you more than just learning skills of Chinese, she will share her understanding of Chinese culture.

With the help of her, you will get plenty of chances to know things about China. There are some video lessons online for you to learn for free, but these are not specially designed for you, and you can’t tell what your shortcomings and strengths are.

So those paid online Chinese courses are more reliable as long as you find a patient and responsible teacher. It is not expensive at all. The learning fee of each lesson may even be cheaper than a cup of coffee.

In order to learn Chinese well, you need to strictly follow the pace of your online teacher. Normally there are 5 lessons a week and 30 minutes for each. Contact with your teacher before you reach an agreement on the class time.

Find a Chinese friend online

As is known to all that most Chinese people use WeChat to talk with others online. Your topic of discussion may not just include Chinese learning, you can talk about Chinese food, Chinese culture, Chinese songs, Chinese movies, etc.

No matter what your topic is, please bear in mind that all your discussions should be done only in Chinese. It is really painful at the very beginning, but never give up. If you don’t know how to express clearly in Chinese, you could either choose to ask your friend or look it up in the e-dictionary.

When your class time is over, you can ask your friend the questions you don’t know or can’t tackle. Additionally, you could also teach him or her your mother tongue if your friend is interested in it.

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Since you have 5 hours a day to learn Chinese

The steps listed in the first part of 2 hours should be more specific. In other words, for example, if you have 30 minutes to learn and practice Pinyin when you have 2 hours every day to learn Chinese, now you might spend 60 minutes memorizing and practicing Pinyin every day. Please make full use of every single minute that you have.

How many hours a day to learn Chinese? It is a question you should think about and well plan after you have clearly known about your own condition. Apart from the above learning suggestions, you might also find that there are hundreds of must-know Chinese poems.

Chinese children learn them in primary school, junior high school and senior high school. How many of them do you know? If you know little or nothing about Chinese poems, you could never say that you are good at Chinese.

Hope your learning process goes well. Thank you!

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