How many Chinese characters can you learn in a day?

As about how many Chinese characters can you learn in a day, someone asks whether it is suitable to learn 2 Chinese characters a day. Frankly speaking, I think it is not a good idea to learn a language slowly at the very beginning.

For those who have similar thoughts, they might think that: if they learn 2 or 3 characters a day, they could spend much more time analyzing them. With time going by, they will master plenty of Chinese characters.

But this is not always the case, you will gradually forget what you have learned before.

How many Chinese characters you should learn in a day?

For Chinese families, they are advised to teach their children 5 Chinese characters a day. Children are all fond of playing, so the teaching at the very beginning should be based on interest.

Parents would not put too much pressure on children. When the child likes to learn Chinese and gets used to it, the amount of learning should increase day by day.

When foreigners are planning to learn Chinese, their learning condition may not be as good as the children in China. It is recommended to think about how many Chinese characters can you learn in a day if you are a foreigner.

You should also learn step by step, for example, 6 Chinese characters a day. Don’t act in haste or be hot-headed. Success can’t be achieved overnight.

How to memorize things fast?

There is no shortcut to learn a language, the only useful and practical way is to repeat. Repeat for a hell of times. Don’t spend too much time on a single Chinese character, which is useless.

The duration should be about 1 minute a character. I know that nobody is able to memorize a Chinese character in such a short period of time. It doesn’t matter at all. Every time you learn, you should set yourself a range of learning.

So, you will repeat every character several times a day, at least 10 times. When you get used to it, you may just need to spend 15 second on a character. Less time in one run and do many runs.

Based on the curve of Ebbinghaus, you must two points: go over in time and master the rules.

When I was preparing for my College Entrance Examination, I had so many things to memorize. Chinese characters, Chinese poems, Chinese idioms, Mathematical formula, history events, composition writing skills and so on.

Apart from the time attending courses, there was not much time left for me. So, I made full use of the curve of Ebbinghaus, reviewing the learning materials for at least 3 times a day. At first, I thought I was just wasting my precious time doing nonsense.

However, gradually I found my grades improved. Some knowledge points are no longer strange to me.

How many Chinese characters can you learn in a day? It is not a competition that who learns more who wins more. Instead, it is like a marathon, a better plan would usually lead to a better result.

Succeed people have had years of accumulation in learning foreign languages, the posts shared online offers an opportunity for other learners to overtake competitors on a bend.

How many Chinese characters can you learn in a day to learn well

Why should foreigners learn Chinese?

People learn Chinese for various reasons, some for business, some for study, some for travelling. No matter what their reasons are, they have a specific target to work hard for. Nowadays more and more foreigners are learning Chinese.

It seems become a popular trend that many people would follow. So, have you asked yourself why do you learn Chinese? You can think for a while, and I will give my views of why people learn Chinese.

For the achievers

Some people are longing to work in the 2nd biggest economy of the world. Because the salary there is high and the future of this job is promising. As long as they think they are qualified enough, they will apply for the jobs in China.

Some want to boost their CV. People in China would always say that an extra certificate would bring you an extra business opportunity. It is always beneficial to get a certificate, a skill. No one wants to be speechless when having a job interview.

For the befrienders

Work with Chinese suppliers. It is similar to work in China, which is also a business purpose. When the company you work for need to cooperate with Chinese suppliers, they would ask staff to be able to communicate in Chinese.

If it is your responsibility to do so, then that’s why you learn Chinese.

Connect with 1.4 billion people. This could also be explained as to make friends with Chinese people, online or offline. As is known to all that most Chinese people use WeChat to communicate with others.

So, some foreigners would register an account on it and try to say something with native-speaking Chinese. If they know something about Chinese, things will become totally different.

There are many other reasons to learn Chinese. If you are also planning to learn Chinese, you’d better think about how many Chinese characters can you learn in a day?

All in all, learning Chinese is a long way to go. If you want to be adept in it, arranging your schedule and setting reasonable goals are always recommended.

If you learn 5 Chinese characters 1 day and repeat it for 10 times a day, you will find an unbelievable change after a long period of time, such as 1 year.

There are 3,000 commonly used Chinese characters in daily life. Maybe you think it is too time consuming to learn. Please don’t worry, you only need to keep working hard, every painstaking effort will pay off in the end.

While if you only want to order food in a Chinese restaurant, the learning period may be as short as 1 month.

Good luck!

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