How could I pass HSK 5 in 2 years?

Learning Chinese is never an easy task. So how to check their Chinese proficiency, or what’s the standard to show their Chinese competence? In China there is an official test to check it, which is called HSK. HSK is a point that many people focus. How could I pass HSK 5 in 2 years? It is a question many people would ask.

Since China is becoming more and more powerful in the world and Chinese is gaining its significance nowadays, being able to master Chinese, or Mandarin, is a beneficial skill.

So, in order to do some business with Chinese companies or study in Chinese universities, people are sparing efforts to learn Chinese.

What is HSK?

Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi/Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK): It is an international standardized test of Chinese proficiency sponsored by the Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban.

The emphasis will be on the ability of candidates who are not Chinese as their first language to communicate in Chinese in their daily life, study and work.

There are 6 test levels: HSK Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5 and Level 6. The highest level is Level 6. The service website is

It provides all the services related to the HSK test, and you can find all the questions and answers about the HSK test. Registration time is one month before the test.

There’s one test every month, usually on Saturday or Sunday. While if you want to study in China, the validity period of HSK scores is two years.

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What is the difference between HSK and HSKK?

Is it possible to pass HSK 5 in 2 years?

It is completely possible with the right tools at your disposal and enough discipline to meet your goal in that time frame.

Of course, going to stay in China would help people pass the (Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì) HSK exams within short periods of time.

It is indeed a preferred choice, but it is not necessary these days. You would save lots of money by taking an HSK prep course online.

There are too many resources to make use of these days. As long as you make good use of them, it is totally possible.

So please stop asking yourself how I could pass HSK  5 in 2 years, you can do it as long as you make a detailed plan.

possible to pass HSK 5 in 2 years

No.1 Get yourself evaluated

Like any other exams, you need to know your weaknesses and strengths so that you will know where to focus.

To pass the HSK 5 exam, someone would take Level 5 HSK Test Prep Course, which is for students who is able to understand some demanding Chinese materials but still have some difficulty in clearly express themselves.

Of course, you can’t evaluate yourself correctly, so you need to go to local Chinese institute or an online institute. Some online services offer a free evaluation, like us.

A good start will always lead to a better result. Could I pass HSK 5 in 2 years? Yes, sure.

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No.2 Take a HSK Test Prep Lesson for Level 5

HSK is a little bit demanding for foreigners, so I would never recommend you study totally on your own. When you have known your Chinese capacities, you can find a language center or an online Chinese institute and start your learning for HSK 5 exam.

We offer everything, including what I’ve mentioned above, consulting and specially designed courses for you. You will never regret if you choose us.

When you finish your courses of the HSK 5 prep course at here, you will be able to acquire over 3,500 Chinese characters and master the grammar rules of HSK 5.

The most important thing is that: if you don’t work hard for your goal, you will never harvest these rewards.

While if you really spare efforts to learn and to memorize, you should be able to understand any information written or spoken in Chinese. So never hesitate to sign up for a course online.

You can pass HSK 5 in 2 years.

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No.3 Get some tools to help you

First of all, online HSK 5 flash card is your great friend. You can use it whether you are preparing for HSK 1 or HSK 5 exam. It would not take you much time every day and it is truly helpful.

Secondly, YouTube video may be another free resource. From Chinese characters to conversations, YouTubers are uploading videos to show their love for Chinese, to teach others Chinese or to record their Chinese learning process.

You can compare your own Chinese ability with those on YouTube so that you will know clearly whether you really learn something with the HSK test prep lesson for level 5.

How could I pass HSK 5 in two years on my own? Do you know that now?

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