Chinese HSK Level 4

HSK (Level 4) tests candidates’ Chinese application ability, which corresponds to level 4 of the international Chinese proficiency standard and level B2 of the European language common reference framework (CEF). Candidates who pass HSK (Level 4) can talk about a wide range of topics in Chinese and communicate fluently with native Chinese speakers.

Objects of Chinese HSK Level 4

HSK (Level 4) is mainly for candidates who learn Chinese for four semesters (two academic years) according to the schedule of 2-4 class hours per week and master 1200 common words.

Examination Content of Chinese HSK Level 4

HSK (Level 4) has 100 questions in total, which is divided into three parts: listening, reading and writing.


Examination Content


Number of test questions (PCs.)


Test Duration (minutes)

听力Listening 第一部分Part 1 10 45 约30 About 30
第二部分Part 2 15
第三部分Part 3 20
阅读Reading 第一部分Part 1 10 40 35
第二部分Part 2 10
第三部分Part 3 20
书写Writing 第一部分Part 1 10 15 25
第二部分Part 2 5
填写答题卡 Fill in the Answer Sheet 10
共计 altogether / 100 约100 About 100

The whole test lasts about 105 minutes (including 5 minutes for candidates to fill in their personal information)


There are 10 questions in the first part. Listen to each question once. For each question, one person first said a short paragraph, and the other person said a sentence based on this paragraph. This sentence is also provided on the test paper, and the candidate is required to judge right or wrong.

The second part contains 15 questions. Listen to each question once. Each question is a two-sentence dialogue between two people. The third person asks a question based on the dialogue. There are 4 options on the test paper. The test taker is required to choose the answer based on what he heard.

There are 20 questions in the third part. Listen to each question once. This part of the test contains 4 to 5 dialogues or a short paragraph. One or two questions are asked according to the dialogue or language segment. Each question on the test paper provides 4 options. The test taker selects the answer based on what he hears.


The first part consists of 10 questions. For each question, one or two sentences are provided. There is a space in the sentence. Candidates should choose words from the provided options to fill in the blanks.

The second part contains 10 questions. Each item provides 3 sentences, and the test taker should arrange these 3 sentences in order.

The third part contains 20 questions. This part of the test questions are all short paragraphs of text, each paragraph with one or two questions, the candidate should choose the answer from 4 options.


There are 10 questions in the first part. Several words are provided for each question, and candidates are required to write a sentence with these words.

There are 5 questions in the second part. Each question provides a picture and a word, and the examinee is required to write a sentence with the word in combination with the picture.

Performance Report

The HSK (Level 4) performance report provides four scores for listening, reading, writing and total score. The total score of 180 is considered as qualified.

满分 Full Marks 你的分数 Your Score
听力 Listening 100
阅读 Reading 100
书写 Writing 100
总分 Total 300

As is listed above, Chinese HSK Level 4 contains three parts, and every part has different ways to check your Chinese proficiency. If you are determined to get good grades, please work hard from now on!

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