Can you learn Mandarin on your own?

Learning Mandarin on your own is definitely not an easy task, but it is possible. You can learn Mandarin on your own, which depends on what you mean by “on your own” and what you do & not do.

Should you learn Mandarin on your own: whether to learn from teachers

Someone learns a language just by himself, without any help from teachers. It is practical, but you are sure to go through lots of difficulties than others.

While someone learn from native teachers, do homework every day. You may think it’s really efficient, but it does cost you some money.

As for me, I must tell you that it’s better to learn from teachers. Can you learn Mandarin on your own? Yes, but the result is not that perfect.

I used to learn French years ago. At that time, I totally learned it on my own and was able to understand almost all articles in French.

While even I spent much time on French, I still couldn’t speak and figure out what they say in French.

And gradually, I began to forget the details about French. What I’m saying doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed in Mandarin learning unless you learn from teachers.

I mean that you need to be aware of what you need to do, and an excellent teacher can help you do so.

Of course, you may tell me that there are people being able to speak various kinds of languages, and they learn on their own.

So, can you learn Mandarin on your own? Never worry, I will tell you what you should do and should not, regardless of whether you choose to learn from teachers.

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What should you do when learning Mandarin

From Pinyin to Chengyu (Chinese idioms), there are many aspects in Chinese learning. Don’t worry, you will solve all these with the help of us.

  • Learn Chinese tones (the basic of Chinese learning)
  • Learn Pinyin as Chinese kids do (it does good to your future learning)
  • Learn Daily Greetings (try to speak out simple sentences)
  • Learn Chinese characters (almost the most difficult part)
  • Make Sentences in Chinese (you can imitate what Chinese people do)
  • Use Chinese leaning APP (I have to say some are really useful)
  • Try Chinese Courses (whether online or offline, really beneficial)
  • Listen to Chinese radio play (learn Chinese with fun)
  • Watch Chinese Shows (like Home with Kids)
  • Go to Chinese restaurants (or other places where there are many Chinese people)
  • Don’t forget to set yourself a goal (you won’t be lazy with that)
  • Practice every day (If you don’t have much time, 4 times a week is also acceptable)

After you read all the tips listed above, you might be in high spirits about Chinese learning.

If I ask you, can you learn Mandarin on your own, your answer is definitely yes.

But you should take Chinese learning seriously, it’s never about you can or can’t learn Chinese on your own, but about whether you insist on learning it.

Different learning methods apply for different people.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate learner or an advanced learner, the core of learning is similar: keep learning.

you can learn mandarin well on your own

Learn Mandarin on your own: What not to Do

Learn without speaking. Chinese is a language that has four tones and many pronunciations, you can’t perfectly master Chinese without speaking it.

There are masterpieces like Chinese poems, Chinese sayings, and so on. Some of them have a sense of rhythm, they can be sung out.

And some are full of emotions, you can speak to them out at the same time of expressing your feelings.

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Avoid learning Chinese characters. You can learn Chinese on your own, but you can’t learn well without learning characters.

Someone says they just want to talk to people in Mandarin, they don’t care about whether they can recognize characters.

Yes, that’s true. But reading is absolutely effective for someone who needs to acquire a second language.

Why people tend to avoid learning characters? Mainly because Chinese characters are not like English words, they are Hieroglyphic.

It’s not that easy to be familiar with Chinese characters, but the more you read, the faster you will understand the right characters.

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Treat pronunciation lightly. Do take it seriously, misspeaking pronunciations might sometimes leads to misunderstanding.

Speaking good pronunciations would obviously bring you many advantages, native speakers might keep smiling and nodding to your language proficiency.

Speak before you have enough input. We all know that if you don’t understand a language well, you can’t communicate with others smoothly.

I’m sure you don’t want to speak just like “你好”, the need of social interaction prompts you to be adept at speaking.

Speaking is never the first step; you need to learn a significant amount of vocabulary.

During the process of reading & listening, you will gradually understand how the Chinese language system works.

The more you read, the more you will find the correct and suitable words come to your heads when having conversations.

Learning Mandarin is a demanding task, but as long as you work hard towards it, you will sure learn it well on your own.