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Personalized learning contents. High frequency 1-on-1 class. Qualified and native speaking teachers to fit your schedule. Mandarin lessons for all levels. Self-developed online teaching platform.

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From 5 to 30 dollars each class, 1-on-1 to 1-on-6 small group class, 30 mins or 1 hour for each class.

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What Our Students Say

“A best teacher ever”

I began this course last year. After mastering Pinyin, my teacher taught me how to write characters and build sentences. Now I am able to have small conversations with Chinese people. The flexible scheduling is great, I can easily split my time between work and study. The small group class type is really helpful as well. Next year I want to travel around China with my boyfriend, and hopefully, I would be the tour guide!

“A school who cares”

One year before, I was just a novice in Chinese. My self-teaching didn’t work really well, until I saw Tianwa Chinese on Google. Following the guidance of my teacher, my Chinese has gradually improved. Now I can read some Chinese articles on my own. I’m preparing for HSK 3 now, and I’m pretty sure I can make it!

“I highly recommend”

As a family of Chinese descendant, I really hope my kid can fully master our mother tongue. He could only speak a little Chinese, but didn’t know how to read or write. Even if I tried to teach him in person, he simply could not settle down and sometimes had a tantrum. But now, he somehow shows great interest in these courses, and initiates reading storybooks recommended by his teacher.

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Most Popular Questions To Discuss Mandarin Learning

We use textbooks published by the Ministry of Education as the materials for basic Chinese and Mathematics courses, which perfectly fit the needs of young students. For HSK and YCT textbooks, which are all published by Hanban(Center for Language Education and Cooperation). With the informative contents , these textbooks proves to be useful for candidates of HSK and YCT tests. 

The development of courseware carefully follows the textbooks: With amusing and instructive content, and an appropriate amount of exercises, students’ proficiency in Chinese can be improved steadily. 

Our teachers and experts are gathered from all over the country, all of whom have a degree in education (or related degrees) and pedagogical qualifications, such as the certificates of Mandarin, teaching and English proficiency level.

We offer free PDF textbooks on our platform for preparation and revision, which can be printed for further study.

As the 26 letters in both pinyin and English bear certain resemblances in pronunciation and writing, students at the elementary level of Chinese may find it difficult to distinguish between these two systems.The reason is that they haven’t adapted to the Chinese linguistic system.With the help of our teachers, it is not difficult for students to tell the difference between the two versions, as long as they keep practicing Chinese with patience.

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